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During the next weeks a technical conversion is carried out by has agreed a new server space. We will set up new email addresses and various tools. We are sorry if server is unreachable.
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Monday, 25. Mai 2009
Technical Problems:
From 25.05.2009 to 29.05.2009 at domain server changeover and maintenance work.
We are sorry if server is unreachable.

Wednesday, 18. March 2009
Attention domain fraudster from US!

During the last months domain owners, above all from anew registered domains, often became victims of feigned domain bids from the USA.
Get to know more here:
Thursday, 14. April 2009
List with web Catalogues:
New page at DomainRelax. with Webcatalogues! SignUp your existing projects in the Webcatalogue of your choice.
Here's the complete listing of Webkatalogues:

Monday, 30. March 2009
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Look Back for 2008 - domain trade on the advance!

The financial crisis in 2008 has also influenced the domain industry negatively. How have erected for you a health resort version about the domain trade in 2008.
Figures and facts in 2008 :
The average price of the sold domains in 2008 is towards in 2007 around approx. - 10% back gone on an average price from 1.620.- € by domain. The total volume of all sold domains is around approx. + 30% on, would you believe: 53.135.710.- € built up.
Terms were very popular in the tourism industry, geography, luck plays and also from the finance industrial sector.
The highest price in 2008 with the domain service company Sedo for a domain was reached amounts on 1,17 Millionen $. Besides, it concerned the top level domain - "". You can consider at the complete domain study SEDO 2008 - here.

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- 51-100 domains - 0.40.-€ / domain
- 101 and more domains - price other opinion.

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