... and thus everything has begun!
To connect the Nordic countries with each other the domain "nordu.net" was registered on the 01st of January, 1985. One calls this the "oldest" domain.
To 3 months later in 1985 the domain "symbolics.com" was registered by US-American computer companies of Symbolics . Nearly one year later domain has registered itself Hewlett Packard first two-digit "hp.com" . In Germany and many other countries is to be registered only from three letters or figures allowed.
Not long could be serviced also other computer giants like Intel, IBM, Microsoft or SUN. To 10 years later in 1995 names were registered first commercial Domain like "sex.com" or "porn.com" .
Only starting from 1999 one can properly talk from new commercial domain business.

Domains names as a capital investment or X - column?
In principle one can compare Domain business quite simply to real estates business. A small listing of common characteristics:

1. Domain name = real estates property
2. Domaindealer = real estate agent
3. Domain auctions = real estates auctions
4. Domain TLD’s (more value has „name.com“ than „complicated-name.co.nz“) = Property situation (more value has in Las Vegas build than in Chernobyl)
5. Domain rent / purchase / sales = real estates property rent / purchase / sales
6. Relatively small purchase investments for Domain names and real estates property.
7. For a successful project one needs a good web master or architect.
8. Good project Quality protects high market value and profit.
9. Thanks to Internet you can worldwide sell your Domains or real estate properties.
10. Special knowledge is not necessarily needful, except a little of sales mind, feeling and luck.
So, like one can see, it gives there many common characteristics.

How do I acquire the best Domain Name?
Though it is already 10 years which booms domain business and one certainly thinks this all good names are taken for a long ago. Yes! This is right!
But one may not forget that computer and server also becomes from day to day more and more and web pages - to domain also follows name. Today has to offer everybody - also private people and not only to companies - the possibility its commodities or services via Internet. Many domains are not taken yet or booked. Moreover, daily are parked worldwide between 40'000 and 80'000 domains or are discontinued!
An example: a company or organisation is liquidated (or goes bankrupt - what is nowadays not seldom) and then its domain name is sold or simply deleted from the register. And thus one can purchase of course with a lot of luck a good domain name or invent a good name with creativity a little and register himself.
So, hold to your ears stiffly, coach your brain and register your favoriten name.

Domain rights and injury:
Care on copyright and injury of the rights of third parties. In perfectly you keep on so-called 7 golden rules:
1. no brands, no names of company.
2. no names of public figures.
3. no titles of magazines, films, software, hardware.
4. no geographical names - towns, rivers, constructions, mountains, post(zip) code, etc.
5. no terms of state institutions.
6. no typing errors in domain.
7. no "dangerous" domains.

Read more about domain right and legal injury with Domain right .

Cheap Domain purchase:
Nowadays you can free domains cheap purchase. For one Domain name like a yourname.com, you pay only: € 12.- / year!

The current prices:
your-domain-name .com € / year 12 .-
your-domain-name .net € / year 12 .-
your-domain-name .info € / year 19 .-
your-domain-name .de € / year 12 .-
your-domain-name .eu € / year 12 .-
your-domain-name .ch € / year 17 .-
your-domain-name .at € / year 49 .-
your-domain-name .biz € / year 39 .-
your-domain-name .tel € / year 29 .-

Type your wish Domain name in the box and check it out whitch Domain name is free. Try it yourselves and reserve your domain name immediately:

And what is a domain value?
Well, this is the most argumentative question in whole domain trade. The shorter - the more valuably. The longer in the net - the more valuably. Ever to few identical or similar free TLD's - the more valuably. Ever higher Page-Rank Number (PR) - the more valuably. The more visitors on the website - the more valuably.
Basically, however also here is applies, theory - domain certificate is a case and in practice a domain is in the finally the value, what a potential buyer is ready to pay for it.
Here to a few examples(*) from the highest prices of domains with various TLD's:

.com - Domains:
sex.com 2006 12'000'000 $
porn.com 2007 9'500'000 $
business.com 1999 7'500'000 $
diamond.com 2006 7'500'000 $
casino.com 2003 5'500'000 $

.de - Domains:

kredit.de 2008 892'500
poker.de 2007 695'000
casino.de 2008 400'000
chat.de 2005 320'000
blackjack.de 2006 300'000 $

.org - Domains:

engineering.org 2000 200'000 $
reifen.de .info .org 2003 200'000
sexe.org 2008 151'400 $
ringtones.org 2008 120'000 $
revolution.org 2008 120'000 $
.net - Domains:
ex.net 2006 454'500 $
porn.net 2008 400'000 $
realestate.net 2007 300'000 $
diy.net 2007 200'000 $
chinese.net 2007 180'000 $

.eu - Domains:

hotels.eu 2006 253'500
shopping.eu 2006 150'000
apotheke.eu 2008 51'000
onlinecasino.eu 2006 36'500
ita.eu 2007 29'990

.eu - Domains:

jobs.ca 2008 600'000 $
cruises.co.uk 2008 560'000 £
nav.no 2006 550'000
freecreditreport.co.uk 2008 300'000 $
seks.nl 2008 200'000

(*)  - from various sources: - Sedo.com , United-Domains.de , Afternic.com ,

On-line Tools:
There is a some tools in the web, where you are able - partly free of charge - your domains make a quick validation of value. We recommend you the following links:
www.bewertungsformel.de ,
www.domainbewertung.com ,
www.adresso.de ,
www.adressio.de ,

On these assessment link pages the prices are to be noticed only as an orientation. The safe way is to be let examine your domains by Experts. To very good experiences in this area has Sedo collected. Here the direct link: Domain-value certificates.

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To other tips to domain sales:
1. Fill all Meta-Tags in the head area (between:<head>and</head>).
Here an example like it could look:

 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en_EN">

<meta name="language" content="de"/>- to right languages Code - "de", "en", "de-ch" usw.
<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="de" />- languages Code - "de", "en", "de-ch"
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
<meta name="description" content="description of your domain / web page"/>
<meta name="keywords" content="all-important-key-words,searching-words,keywords,max 10!"/>
<meta name="audience" content="all"/>
<meta name="robots" content="index,follow"/>
<meta name="copyright" content="Copyright © 2009 your Domain"/>
<meta name="objecttype" content="website, homepage, webseite"/>
<meta name="author" content="e.g.: Author of Website"/>
<meta name="publisher" content="e.g.: your Webmaster"/>
<meta name="zipcode" content="your post(zip) code"/>
<meta name="city" content="your place"/>
<meta name="state" content="your canton/state"/>
<meta name="country" content="your country"/>
<meta name="revisit-after" content="7 days"/> - as an example between 1-14 days
<meta name="verify-v1" content="code" /> - verification code of Google searching machine
<meta name="y_key" content="code"/> - verification code of Yahoo searching machine

If you have questions about the Meta-Tags, contact us under:  

2. Register your domains to all searching machines services. Here a collection of the most important searching machines with direct links:
www.google.com , www.yahoo.com , www.msn.com , www.altavista.com , www.alltheweb.com , www.abacho.ch , www.metacrawler.com , www.excite.com , www.lycos.de , usw.

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5. In addition, you can try to sell directly with www.eBay.com Iyour domain. Do not forget, however if you have hired your domains with the Sedo and you sell your domains on own fist, you must pay, nevertheless, the fees of the Sedo! Read over the AGB's of Sedo carefully.

6. Respect to fraudulent tempting email offers. In mostly is there behind own company which makes itself very much expensive domains valuations - not seldom they require 600.-$ per hour. Announce immediately to such offers with your Provider and send also to us a message.

- Supplement follows...

Our on-line domain catalogue:

Look and choose your wish domain. Then you are passed directly on the website where you can deposit your bid. Negotiate directly with the holder of domain. It is worthwhile anyway!

It is to be said very difficultly exactly the price by a domain. It depend on different factors. Here listed domains are estimated only roughly after various research by DomainRelax.com in the WEB and it should serve only to orientation. We have classified it in price categories after ours of the best knowledge. Do not hesitate negotiations to lead directly with the holder of domain names. Finally, the highest bidder one always has the last word!

Currency: Value: Category:
$ 0 - 1'000 1
$ 1'000 - 2'500 2
$ 2'500 - 5'000 3
$ 5'000 - 10'000 4
$ 10'000 - 50'000 5
$ 50'000 - more 6

The top domains by DomainRelax.com:

Domain name: Category:
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webnetcredit.com 5

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